Welcome to the Deep South Shriners Organization. Initially organized in 1979, we are comprised of the members in good standing, of constituent Shrine Temples of the A.E.A.O.N.M.S., Inc. from the Deserts of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

We stand on the shoulders of those Nobles (Charles Andry, M. J. Corruth, Robert Brown, Nathaniel Cross, Calvin Kelso, E. P. Brumfield, Harry Coleman, Charles McMillan, Edgar Brunner, and all Deputies of the Deserts) that had the vision to form this organization. While many of these great Shriners have gone on to their great reward, their legacy lives on. We owe it to them to keep the concept of the Deep South Shriners Organization alive so that we may pass it down to the next generation of Nobles as our legacy to them.


Deep South Shriners President

Danthan Chestnut (SC)

Greetings from the Deep South Shriners!

P.P.’s James E. Poe, Harry T. Coleman, Charles R. Andry, names that every Deep South Shriner should know. Although not an event with the significance of Jubilee Day, but we as Deep South Shriners should honor those that had the foresight to conceptualize what is arguably the most recognized, regionalized organization of Temples and Deserts today, the Deep South Shriners. Although the Deep South Shriners Organization (formerly referred to as a coalition) was not formed to get Nobles elected to Imperial Office from within, has a long history of Nobles from the Deep South being elected, and appointed, at all levels of the Imperial Council. As we, Deep South Shriners, continue our support of the Imperial Council and our philanthropic objectives in our communities, this endeavor to reflect on the progressive nature of our organization has resulted in providing us with a representative website that we can use to not only communicate with one another, but put on display the achievements of the Deep South Shriners. The site is evolving, and that is only possible with input from each of you and we solicit your input as this is our website. ENJOY!!

1st Vice President

Mark McGraw (AR)

2nd Vice President

Anthony Kelly (GA)

3rd Vice President

Louis T. Harper (FL)


Devin Carter (MS)


Robert J. Datcher (TX)

Financial Secretary

Fred Alexander (LA)


Fredrick S. Doles (AR)


Tyrone Prince (GA)


Marvin Jones (GA)

Director of IT

Larry C. Elrod (GA)

Media Relations 

Kernell Green, Jr (LA)